6 Best Trampoline Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Trampoline Hero is all about one thing: Helping you find the best trampoline available in 2016! Our trampoline reviews make it easy to find the right one for you and your family. There is no question that trampolines are a great way to have fun with the whole family. These bouncy buys will not just provide you with fun, but they are an excellent way to get some exercise.

growing childrenAlso, they promote coordination, and this is highly beneficial especially to growing children. There are a myriad of trampolines available in the market today, and this gives you an array of options. However, before you buy the first product you find, there is a need for due diligence – because some factors must be considered. Safety comes first, and this is perhaps the most important element to have in mind. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve put together this review guide to make your decision easier.

Many modern trampolines will promise safety but do not just take the seller’s word for it. In addition, you want a product that will bounce in the right manner to give you all the merits mentioned above. The good news is that this article reviews all the considerations to help you choose an ideal trampoline. In this regard, this guide will not just help you decide the best trampoline in the market; but it will also allow you to enjoy full value for your money.

Top Considerations When Buying A Trampoline


safety of the trampolineAs echoed earlier, your first consideration should be the safety of the trampoline. All parents will agree that only a product that promises total safety will be considered. Even if it is hard to guarantee 100% safety for the trampoline, choose one that comes with enclosures.

An enclosure goes a long way to prevent accidental falls. Look for spring-less or spring-free trampolines as they are the new age standard of safety in this regard. The best products come with safety pads for protection, and all these elements work together to make the product as safe as possible.


A bigger trampoline may feel better or safer than a smaller one. However, individual preferences will take center stage. A smaller one is ideal for adult use while a bigger one will suit kids where many people can jump at once. Bigger is more expensive and when you have considered the size of your yard, look at the budget you are willing to work with. These are the factors that will influence the size of the trampoline to have.


round shape has been seen as ideal for the homeThe shape of the trampoline is another pivotal consideration because there are all manner of shapes. From round to square and rectangular shapes; you are spoilt for choice. Traditionally, the round shape has been seen as ideal for the home. The rectangular shape is ideal for a firmer bounce and it is no wonder this type is widely used for gymnastics.

Oval trampolines are perfect for softer bounces, and they are a hybrid of the round and square shapes. The square shape is typical when it comes to products used by both kids and adults. In many ways, it is a personal choice after you have considered the functionality of each shape. The location is a key factor to have in mind when it comes to size and shape.


Netting is an important element when you review a trampoline. In fact, there are barely any trampolines being made without this safety element. However, go a step further and consider products that have the netting fitted from the inside of the padding instead of the outside. In the case of a fall, it will minimize the risk of hitting the edges of the trampoline.

Beware that some products come fitted with nets that start to sag and wear out faster than expected. In this case, go round and assess nets in your neighborhood or read user reviews; you do not want a product that starts to wear and tear prematurely. Lastly, the net poles must be ideal and safe. They must be sturdy and flexible to avoid any accidents.


It is another factor that is often overlooked in a trampoline review. A ladder will provide the steps needed for kids or jumpers to get up on the trampoline. A ladder will help keep out users who are not ready or not meant to use the product due to age or other factors. When the trampoline is not in use, it is important to remove the ladder – making it safer.

Ease of installation

The last thing you want is a product that is too complicated to set up. The good thing is that the manufacturers provide a step by step guide through their user manual to help you set up. If you cannot do it, contact the manufacturer and have them assist you further in this regard. Consider a product that comes with a detailed and clear guide on how to set up. This will save you a lot of heartaches.

Bounce factor

want a trampoline for kidsIf you want a trampoline for kids, certain standards are acceptable to ensure a great bounce factor. With this respect, do your research and read as many reviews as you can about this (our reviews also summarize these findings). If you are buying an adult trampoline, then you can expect a different bounce factor for your chosen product.


Price will be determined by numerous factors including size, shape, purpose, brand; the list goes on. If you are looking for a product that comes with more sophisticated features and advanced safety elements, you might need to part with more money. All in all, do not purchase the cheapest trampoline you find without looking at what it offers. Consider value when deciding on the budget and you will find the right product to meet your needs.


Just like many other products, trampolines need proper maintenance to function optimally. The manufacturer should provide clear steps on how to care for it. Also, make sure to follow the guide to the letter because this will make the difference regarding safety. Choose products that are not too hard to maintain and know the elements that make the trampoline function. This way, you will have a product that serves you as you desire.

Final Thoughts

Make your family merry.

A trampoline has the power to inject great fun and joy into your home. A happy family is well worth every coin you spend on this product. Also, you get a chance to eliminate boredom without having to break the bank. In light of this, having this product in your home or space will add more value than you can imagine. It also gives your family members to enhance their coordination improving their lives through games in a therapeutic manner. Young kids will especially benefit from this, and you can rest assured that you bought an asset well befitting your family.

Get healthy.

Get healthyJumping on a trampoline does not just allow your blood to circulate better but is helps burn excess calories. You can tone your muscles and create a fun and healthy routine for growing children. Let us face it; kids just want to sit on the couch and play video games. In this respect, encouraging your children to embrace the outdoors can be as easy as getting a good trampoline.

In essence, your life can only get better when you purchase this product. With the above guide, learn how to buy value and avoid pitfalls that many buyers find along their purchasing journey. Above all, take time and see what is available in the market. If you are not sure about any element or functionality of a trampoline, engage the seller until you are fully satisfied. Tap into the incredible merits of a good trampoline today.

6 Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker 15-feet round w/ safety net & enclosure

The Sky Walker Trampoline is a fantastic piece of equipment for active kids who love having fun. If your household is similar to mine, then family time is never complete without some backyard jumping fun. My trampoline started having stability issues, so I decided to look out for a new one. In my research, I came across this Skywalker trampoline, and its features extremely impressed me. Here is a brief but detailed review based on my findings.


1. It is equipped with Reinforced T-sockets.

This reinforcement prevents structural twisting hence giving the excellent trampoline stability no matter how often it is used.

2. It has assembled dimensions of 15 ft by 15 ft by 9.5 ft.

These dimensions ensure that there is ample space to give your kids a comfortable and fun time jumping.

3. The Skywalker trampoline has a 200lb capacity.

This is a great feature because it enables children of all ages and sizes to jump on the trampoline simultaneously.

4. This trampoline is equipped with a patented no-gap enclosure systems.

This design ensures that there are no gaps between the jumping surface and the enclosure system. Consequently, it prevents common trampoline-related injuries such as pinching to occur. Additionally, this design also makes assembling it easy as it eliminates the need to thread ropes.

5. It features a state-of-the-art galvanized steel T-Socket construction.

Each leg of this trampoline and every enclosure joint has Reinforced T-sockets which come in handy in increasing stability and eliminating structural twisting. These T-sockets are durable because they are made from rust resistant galvanized steel.

7. It is equipped with a spring pad that is UV protected.

All the springs and frames in this trampoline are padded with PVC material that is UV resistant. Additionally, the padded springs are all located outside the enclosure net for enhanced safety.

8. All the springs on this trampoline are made from rust-resistant material.

This trampoline features a total of 96 springs that measure 6.5 inches. To ensure that the trampoline retains stability and is durable all the springs are rust-resistant. All the springs are made from galvanized steel and have an additional gold color coating to prevent further rusting.

9. It has a tightly and intricately woven enclosure net.

The enclosure net is made from tightly woven polypropylene that is durable and UV resistant. The tight weaving keeps the kids little fingers and toes safe.

Customer Reviews

Most reviews left by customers are positive. They are incredibly impressed with the high levels of safety and durability that this trampoline has. Despite getting tons of use, the trampoline net rarely tears and the springs rarely rust. Its ability to accommodate 200 pounds enables several kids to jump and have fun on the trampoline simultaneously.

A common complaint is that this trampoline is limited to an outdoor setting. Although this trampoline is only limited to an outdoor setting, it is easy to assemble and dis-assemble. There is no hassle putting it up and tearing it down.


If you are in the market for a trampoline that is durable, safe and practical, then this is the ideal trampoline. It’s our #1 our choice for a good reason!

The Ultega Jumper /w safety net

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety NetTrampolining is quickly becoming a favorite activity for many kids as it not only keeps them exercising, but is also a lot of fun. In my search for the perfect trampoline, I came across several exciting brands. One viable option that particularly grabbed my attention is the Ultega.


1. The Ultega Trampoline is manufactured by the renowned Ultega brand that has several impressive leisure/fitness/outdoor sports products.

2. It features galvanized steel frame.

Based on our review, the frames used to make this trampoline are sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant.

3. The net is tightly woven and made from high-quality material.

It ensures that the kids are safe, and the net is invulnerable to easy wear and tear. The material used to make the nets is tough and strong enough to support the weight of the users jumping on the trampoline. Additionally, this net is made from high-quality Polypropylene fabric mesh which is also UV resistant.

4. It is easy to install and requires no specialized tools or expertise to assemble or disassemble.

The design of this trampoline is specifically tailored to ensure effortless assembling and disassembling hence making this trampoline very user-friendly.

5. All the springs are made from rust-resistant material.

All the springs in the Ultega Trampoline Jumper Safety net are made from galvanized steel that is rust-resistant. It ensures that the springs are long lasting and have the unsurpassed stability to ensure the safety of your kids.

6. It has an intricate design featuring eight padded poles and a total of 64 springs.

This design ensures that the trampoline is not only stables but also extremely bouncy making it an ideal product for kids’ fun.

7. The frame height of this trampoline is 30 inches.

This ensures that there is ample jumping space.

Customer Reviews

Many consumers are impressed with this trampoline’s intricate padding that helps keep the jumpers safe. Nothing beats the feeling of giving your children a fun equipment that is safe and makes them smile (and keeps them active).

After completing the review, a complaint I came across is easy wear and tear of the netting. However, after further research, I realized that this is not a widespread issue as many customers testify that they have used this trampoline for over a year without this issue.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews from many customers make it quite easy for me to recommend this trampoline. This trampoline is an ideal choice for you if you are in search of a safe product that is durable, practical and kid-friendly.

Zupapa TÜV Approved Trampoline

A conclusive study carried out by NASA unequivocally established that trampolining is among the most effective ways to burn excess fat. According to the findings of this study, a 10-day jumping session on a trampoline has the equivalent effect with a 30-minute jogging session.

One of the trampolines that stood out for me was the Zupapa with enclosure net, pole, safety pad, ladder, jumping mat, and rain cover. Here is a brief but detailed review of this amazing trampoline.


1. All the net poles and the legs of this trampoline are sturdy and rust-resistant.

All the net poles and legs are made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel that is galvanized to make it rust resistant therefore long lasting. Additionally, each pole and leg is tightly bugled at two places which makes this trampoline stable, therefore, safe and comfortable.

2.  It features heavy gauged 7-inch springs that not only have superior bounce but are also rust-resistant.

The springs are made using galvanized heavy duty high-quality steel. Additionally, the springs are entirely padded using blue PE+PVC FOAM, which makes the trampoline more durable and user-friendly.

3.  It has an intricately woven UV resistant jumping mat.

The jumping mat on this trampoline is made from high-quality polypropylene that is equipped with UV protection to ensure durability and unsurpassed strength.

4. It has a superior weight capacity of 375 lbs.

This trampoline is among the few in the market that have a weight capacity exceeding 200 pounds. This makes the trampoline ideal for persons of different weights.

5. It comes with a variety of accessories that it more user-friendly.

A single order comes with accessories that make it more convenient for the user such as a heavy duty galvanized steel ladder, a rain cover, and a safety enclosure.

6. It has a simple design that is hassle free to assemble and dis-assemble.

Assembling this trampoline is pretty straightforward as it requires neither the professional expertise nor specialized equipment making it extremely user-friendly.

Consumer Reviews

A majority of satisfied customers are extremely impressed by the safety features that this amazing trampoline has such as the padded frames and springs. In addition, the tightly woven jumping mat is made from rust resistance material, which makes it more durable over time.

Our review found that some customers find it complicated to assemble. On further research, I realized that this is not a widespread issue. Some customers even say that their kids helped assembled this trampoline with ease.

The high quality of materials used to make this trampoline and the impressive safety features it has make it a worthwhile investment.

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline Review

Pure Fun 14-Foot TrampolineIt is every parents desire to find a fun and exciting way to get their kids to exercise. Trampolines have come in handy in fulfilling this need. However, before settling on a particular model, it is imperative to carry out research to make sure you choose the best trampoline available. The Pure Fun 14-Foot is an example of an amazing trampoline that is worth checking out.


1. It is equipped with Reinforced T-sockets.

This reinforcement prevents structural twisting, hence giving the trampoline excellent stability no matter how often it is used.

2. This Trampoline has W-shaped legs.

This well-thought out leg design not only gives it unsurpassed stability, but also prevents the trampoline from tipping and wobbling. Consequently, this trampoline is safe for kids and very comfortable to jump on.

3. It is 14 foot and has a total of 88 springs.

This is a convenient height to allow fun jumping while the numerous springs gives it a nice bounce factor.

4. The springs are high performing, therefore, providing a deeper and more exciting bounce.

The springs on this trampoline are intricately designed to ensure high functionality and bounce-durability.

5. It is easy to assemble and comes with a patented assembly tool.

This trampoline is convenient for users as it can easily be built up and torn down using the patented assembly tool.

6. It has a 250-pound weight capacity.

The weight capacity of 250 pounds is convenient and practical for users of different ages and weights.

7. It is equipped with Polypro jump pads.

It features Polypro jump pads that enhance the jumping experience making it more fun, comfortable and exciting for kids.

Consumer Reviews

Most consumers who review this product are particularly impressed by the patented assembly tool that makes assembling and disassembling a breeze. This is by far the best trampoline for someone looking for an easy setup process.

Some customers complain that this trampoline is too bouncy for very young kids due to the high performing springs. This complaint is not widespread because for many consumers the extra bounce is a big plus.


Any parent who is looking for a great outdoor trampoline, this is a wonderful option. I recommend this trampoline because of the overly positive consumer feedback it has received online coupled with the great functional factors.

Springfree Trampoline-13ft

Springfree Trampoline - 13ft Jumbo Square With Basketball Hoop & Ladder (SKU 3Y-OP8U-8Y20)If you are a parent like me, then you know how imperative it is to integrate safe exercises into kids fun activities. In my research, I came across several brands, but one trampoline that stood out for me was the Springfree. While it’s definitely in a class of its own price-wise, it’s hands down the safest trampoline on the market (and second place is not even close).


1. It features a patented rod based system.

Unlike most traditional trampolines that use springs, this trampoline uses a patented rod based system, making it extremely safe. Also, these rods are durable and retain their bounce for a longer time.

2. It has a structural capacity of 1,100 pounds and a jumper weight rating of about 330 pounds.

This weight capacity allows users of different ages and weights to use this trampoline.

3. The frames are made from galvanized steel that are rust-resistant and durable.

This makes it convenient for the user as you can leave this trampoline outside without worrying about it breaking down.

4. It has a UV-resistant jumping mat and net made from high-quality Polypropylene.

This ensures that the kids are safe because it’s hard for the net to break down. Additionally, this net is made from high-quality Polypropylene fabric mesh which is also UV resistant.

5. It comes with great accessories, such as a basketball hoop and a FlexrStep Ladder.

Consumer Reviews

This jumbo square trampoline is renowned for its excellent safety features. Many consumers who are used to trampolines that have springs complain that this trampoline has an odd bouncing effect. This isn’t the case for most as most consumers are in awe of how safe this trampoline performs; it adds a great sense of peace to parents that tend to worry.


If you are looking for a trampoline specifically tailored to ensure the safety of super-active kids, then this great option to consider. I recommend this trampoline because the design is well-thought; it’s the safest model on the market, without question.

Exacme w/ safety pad & enclosure net

Exacme 6W Legs Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder All-in-One Combo SetI decided to research to find a trampoline that would be ideal for my family. I came across the Exacme Combo Set and found it very impressive.


1. It has a weight limit of 375 lbs.

This is much higher than most trampolines available on the market. This impressive weight limit enables this trampoline to accommodate users of different ages and sizes.

2. It features sturdy straps and durable ropes that secure the net.

The net is firmly secured using straps and rope made from long lasting materials. The net door has a zipper for easy opening and closing.

3. It is equipped with six W-shaped legs.

The six W legs ensure unsurpassed stability and safety of the users.

4. When fully assembled it measures 14ft x 14ft x 8.8ft.

These measurements indicate that this trampoline has adequate space for users to ensure they are comfortable while jumping.

5. It features galvanized steel frames.

The frames used to make this trampoline are not only sturdy and durable but are also rust-resistant. Additionally, these frames are padded to ensure safety and comfort for the user.

6. The net is tightly woven and made from high-quality material.

The net is intricately woven to ensure that it is insusceptible to wear and tear. Furthermore, the material used to make the net is tough and strong.

7. The Jumping mat is made from high-quality materials.

The jumping mat is made from high-quality Polypropylene fabric mesh which is resistant to UV rays.

8. It is easy to install and requires no specialized tools or expertise.

The design of this trampoline is specifically tailored to ensure effortless assembling and disassembling; it’s very user-friendly.

Consumer Reviews

Many consumers are impressed by the sturdiness and stability of this trampoline. The sturdiness ensures that the trampoline is safe for kids of all ages and all sizes. Additionally, the durable ropes and straps used to secure the net of this trampoline make it safe and comfortable to use.

Our review suggests that some customers complain that this trampoline has a jumping mat that wears down too easily. This complaint is not common because numerous customers praise the brand for its durability over time.


This trampoline is a great choice for a parent who has super active kids and needs a trampoline that is made from high-quality long-lasting materials. I highly recommend the Exacme 6W trampoline to any parent looking to give their kids a big smile.

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