Listen Up Adults – The Benefits Of Rebounding

Rebounding is an older form of exercise, once extremely popular in the first half of the 1980s, but having since fallen out of favor with the average person. Consisting of a small platform built somewhat similarly to a trampoline, this form of exercise proved very popular over thirty years ago. However, as modern advancements in material sciences have been made, this type of exercise is making a noticeable comeback as new rebounders made of the state of the art materials are steadily coming on to the market. These new rebounders are quieter and more durable than older models. But what are the benefits of rebounding and why should adults start rebounding? Well, the simple answer is that rebounding provides a broad range of benefits that have been certified by NASA studies focused on the mechanics of the human body.

Less Strain on the Body

impact on each jumpWhile there are many benefits to rebounding, many people are still wary of it fearing extreme strain on their body. However, the elasticity of the rebounder, whatever form it takes, actually eases the strain on the human body when using it. The elastic elements absorb most of the shock and impact on each jump, rather than forcing the human body to absorb the shock. In fact, it absorbs up to 85 percent of the shock the body would otherwise take to their softer, more vulnerable tissues. This makes rebounding far less straining on the human skeleton, as well as the body’s joints and other soft tissues that other forms of exercise might strain more harshly than some people are truly comfortable with.

Improved Immune System and Improved Lymph Flow

These two go hand in hand as rebounding is a form of exercise that leads to swiftly increasing lymph fluid circulation. The flow of lymph fluid throughout the human body forms a vital part of the human immune system and its capacity to fight infection and disease. Additionally, a better lymph flow improves white blood cell activity, as well as improves the human body’s built-in capacity to detoxify itself naturally. While this is no substitute for proper medical care, if a human body is put into a situation where it is exposed to toxins, an improved immune system is priceless.

Physical Strength and Dexterity

Physical StrengthThe physical activity of rebounding improves a broad range of human bodily functions related to athletic prowess. The activity of rebounding can swiftly improve human muscular development when combined with a proper diet, leading to steadily increasing physical strength. On top of that, rebounding improves a number of other more delicate physical functions. The body’s capacity to balance is improved, and physical coordination often improves quickly as well. For many people who feel clumsy, rebounding has helped them become agiler in daily life. Finally, the body’s capacity for flexibility tends to improve with regular rebounding exercise as well.

Enhanced Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health

The direct benefits of rebounding are surprisingly straightforward. It is an amazing form of aerobic exercise as it directly stimulates the same parts of the body as other types of aerobic exercise but in a far quicker fashion. The benefits of this kind of exercise begin with improved heart strength and functioning, leading to a greater amount of stamina and enabling longer periods the human body can strain itself before needing to slow down. Additionally, this kind of exercise leads to impressive improvements in the human respiratory system and the related physiological functions, often including further improvements to the human constitution by enabling it to breathe better under strain.

Strengthened Cells

With rebounding exercise, the human body is put through a shift in both gravity and pressure differentials. This is surprisingly similar to the transition between Earth’s gravity field and the microgravity of outer space. While it is nowhere near as disorienting as an actual trip outside the atmosphere, rebounding does simulate the strain on the entire body of a trip off of Earth. While this may sound unappealing, the fact is that with rebounding, every cell inside the human body is being strained and thus strengthened by regular rebounding exercise. While the strain is not massive, it does apply to every cell in the body, even cells that few forms of exercise focus on.

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