Show Me Some Cool Trampoline Tricks

Although bouncing on a trampoline can be engaging on its own, it can be a lot more fun if you try a few simple tricks. Tricks are especially exciting to children. Using a trampoline can make them feel like a gymnast or an acrobat. If you’re looking for trampoline tricks to try, or if you’d like to show some cool  tricks to your kids, keep reading. These tricks are easy to pull off and a great deal of fun.

Before reading, make sure you are cautious of doing any type of tricks on the trampoline. There’s always that potential risk of getting hurt. Trampolinehero is not responsible with you, or your families actions whenever attempting these trampoline tricks. We advise that you read the safety & prevention from first.

Fun & Basic Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

cool trampoline tricksTuck Jumps

If you want to learn how to do tricks on your trampoline, you’re going to want to master tuck jumps. These jumps aren’t particularly flashy, but mastering them will allow you to pull off more complicated tricks. To do a tuck jump, bring your knees up towards your chest after you jump in the air. Hold them with your hands as you fall back down.

Straddle Jumps

Another basic trampoline trick is the straddle jump. When doing this jump, people should lift their legs to the sides like they’re trying to do splits or straddle something. From there, people should bring their legs back down before they hit the ground.

Twist Jumps

This is a fun and easy trick for kids to try. All you need to do is twist through the air as you jump. When you first do this trick, try to do a half-twist. When you get better at it, try to complete a full turn before you land.

kids can have a lot of funSitting Jumps

Another trick that kids can have a lot of fun with is sitting jumps. To do this trick, start out by jumping in the air. As you start to land, let your body fall into a sitting position. Because of the force from your last bounce, you should be lifted back to your feet almost instantly.

Knee Drops

If you want to get a workout on the trampoline, knee drops can be a great thing to try. To do them, start out with a solid bounce. Try to land on one knee, in a lunging position. As you bounce back up, try to switch leg positions before you land again. Keep this up for as long as you can.

Front Drops

A front drop is exactly what it sounds like. It requires you to plummet forward, face first. It can seem scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. When doing this trick, it’s important to keep your face and neck protected. Place your hands near your chin as you fall. That way, you can keep your face from ever hitting the trampoline.

Hand Springs

If you’ve mastered all the basic tricks and are looking for something a little more challenging, you can try performing a hand spring. This requires you to turn a front jump into a front flip. When your hands hit the trampoline, you should arch your back and try to remain in that position. This will impress anyone that sees it.


A lot of children can do somersaults on the ground, but pulling them off on a trampoline is a lot more challenging. To do this trick, you should once again start off by doing a front flip, but should let your body keep moving after your hands hit the trampoline. As long as you keep your balance, you should be able to land on your feet.

Some of these tricks are very easy; others are fairly challenging. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all a lot of fun to try.

Check out this awesome video below that goes over a couple of the trampoline tricks mentioned above.