In-Ground Vs. Ground Style Trampoline

While traditionally considered a piece of equipment for circus performers, the trampoline has become a popular item for families and individuals alike. Finding the perfect one seems a rather simple task, but if you consider the amount of models available, it can be a rather daunting challenge. In addition to examining size, shape, and cost, it is first required that you determine which type of trampoline you are interested in. This article will review the two basic styles on the market today.

What Is A Ground Trampoline?

TrampolineThe ground jumper, also known as the traditional model, is the freestanding trampoline used by performers and athletes. It is a device comprised of a length of fabric that is tightly stretched across a steel frame and connected to the frame using coiled springs. Typically the item uses a waterproof material as fabric and the amount of fabric required is dependent on the size.

The primary use of this ground version is for jumping; however, it can also be used for tumbling if needs to be. Although, as mentioned, it is used by performers and athletes, this item can also be used for recreational purposes and is popular as a children’s toy. In recent years, it has become popular as a piece of exercise equipment.

Small individual-sized jumpers are now used for cardio aerobics classes; however, these styles are too small for tumbling or large jumps and allow for small bouncing exclusively. The height of the bounce allowed is dependent on the number and tension of the coiled springs. A small trampoline with tight coils will reduce the height of a bounce; whereas, larger product with many coils promotes higher bouncing.

One benefit of the ground version is its portability. Due to the steel frame being a non-fixed feature, it is possible to move the item from location to location. Unfortunately, the steel frame raises the trampoline above the ground, and this can be a disadvantage. A raised frame can increase the chance of injury if used inappropriately or carelessly. This is why many people use the ground models in conjunction with a net or padding.

What Is An In-Ground Trampoline?

The in-ground trampoline is not a raised steel item and is, instead, the ground. This style is also known as a “sunken jumper” and is the more common feature for families and recreational use. Many homes opt for this item because of its safety and the ease of use. Unlike the ground model, the sunken version is not available in a plethora of sizes or shapes. Yes, there are different sizes, but due to the item being in-ground, it is not recommended to choose a small size. If it’s too small, then the safety risk is too high.

It is safer overall, however, due to a lack of falling from a raised frame. Many people do not care about the portability, but this may be viewed as a disadvantage for the sunken model. Due to its fixed position, it is not possible to move the item from one location to another.For example, if the item were placed outdoors you will be exposed to outdoor weather when bouncing.

Final Words On The Matter

Choosing an outdoor jumper for your kids can be tricky, but by using the information above you can make an informed choice between the two types.

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