The Best Mini Trampoline For Kids & Toddlers

Kids love playing on trampolines. Of course, that isn’t exactly breaking news – you have certainly seen kids over the years having a great time bouncing up and down with their friends. While there is no reason that adults can’t have fun on a trampoline as well, this is really a product that is designed with the young in mind. Most children have plenty of energy that they need to work out of their system each day, and a trampoline allows them to do just that.

want the kids to have funIf you are buying a trampoline for your kids, you obviously have a few keys points in mind right off the bat. Naturally, safety leads the way in shopping considerations. While you want the kids to have fun, you want them to be safe at the same time. There are built-in safety risks when you allow kids to jump high into the air on a trampoline, but you want to find a product that at least mitigates those risks as effectively as possible. In addition to the risk of injury, there is also the matter of budget to take into consideration. Even mini trampolines can be rather expensive, so it is important to shop smart and pick a model that works for your bank account.

In the article below, we are going to take a closer look at what it is that makes a good mini trampoline – and then we are going to offer up a list of potential options for you to pick from. There are plenty of great mini trampolines for sale today, and there are a number of ‘not so great’ models as well. Our list contains five of the best, so you should have no trouble finding the one that is going to be the right fit for you and your family.

Mini Trampoline Buying Considerations

With any buying decision that you need to make, the best course of action is to identify a few major points that need to be considered. Once you have your list of points, you can use those to compare one model to the next until you find the right one for you. It isn’t so much about finding the ‘best mini trampoline’ on the market as it is about finding the best one for your needs. That being the case, please review the quick list below of issues to consider while preparing to buy a new trampoline.


This point was mentioned earlier, but it needs to be repeated because it is the key ingredient to a trampoline purchase. If you are going to have young children playing on this piece of equipment, you need to be sure that it is not going to put them at undue risk of injury. Once, the common piece of safety gear that you will find on trampolines is an enclosure. This netting that wraps around the trampoline helps to prevent kids from flying off the side – which is one of the leading causes of trampoline-related injury. However, since little children often aren’t jumping high enough to fall off, this is seen as an optional feature available on some of the models you will find. If this is a feature that you would like, make sure it is offered on the model that you select in the end.


CostThis is a point that is certain to come up early on in the process because everyone has a budget – regardless of what that budget happens to be. Mini trampolines can be purchased in a wide range of price points, from down around $30 to up around $100 and beyond. Are you going to invest significantly in this product, hoping that it will be used for years to come? Or do you want a basic model that is just going to be used for the upcoming summer? Only you know how much you can afford to spend on your trampoline purchase, so think about this part of the buying process early on and set a specific price range for yourself. Not only will this help in terms of keeping you on a budget, but it will also help narrow down the field of potential choices.


Do you want your kids to be able to soar sky-high when they bounce on the trampoline, or do you want them just to have a little fun while staying relatively close to the ground? Different trampolines offer varying degrees of bounce depending on how they are designed (and often, how much they cost), so think about this point as well before buying. Little kids may be more comfortable staying down closer to the ground, so a trampoline that you are buying for a toddler likely doesn’t need to be extremely bouncy to offer plenty of excitement.


This is an easy point to overlook – until you get the trampoline home and find that it is bigger than you expected. Pick out a spot that you are planning to use for the trampoline and measure how much space is actually available (including a little bit of room around all sides for safety). Once you have a good idea of how much room you have available, you can then compare those measurements to the dimensions of each trampoline you find online. It is important to think about this aspect of the purchase up front so you can avoid having to return a trampoline that turns out to be too big.

Benefits of Owning a Mini Trampoline

Right off the top, there is one obvious advantage of owning a mini trampoline – kids think they are incredibly fun! As a parent, you already know there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching your kids have fun. Once they get the hang of using their mini trampoline, they are likely to want to return to it time after time. This is the kind of toy that is easy to fall in love with, so you can expect that your money will be well spent in terms of the amount of fun that is had by all of the kids.

As if watching your kids have tons of fun wasn’t enough, mini trampolines are also a great way for them to get exercise. There is plenty of sitting around to be had these days with all of the TV shows and computer games that are available, so giving your kids a way to be active is always a plus. Of course, being able to wear them out a bit, so they are better behaved when nighttime rolls around isn’t a bad thing, either.

In all, there are many potential benefits of owning a mini trampoline that can be used by your kids. As long as you take the necessary safety precautions when the trampoline is in use, this is a toy that should lead to countless hours of fun for your little ones.

Top Five Rated Mini Trampolines

Please feel free to use the list below to narrow down your search for the best mini trampoline for your needs. If you would like more information on any of these trampolines, please feel free to follow the included link to the Amazon sales page.

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

Image of Little Tikes 3'Little Tikes is a brand that is recognized by millions of parents, so right off the bat, this product has some credibility that can give you peace of mind. Designed specifically for indoor use, this is a mini trampoline that is aimed at kids from three years to six years of age. There is a handlebar for stability while jumping, and the unit is made from a combination of plastic and metal.

Buyers of this item generally love the experience that it provides for their kids. Many reviewers state that their kids love jumping up and down over and over, and that is the point at the end of the day. The consensus is that this trampoline is relatively easy to set up when it arrives, and the value for the cost – which is often around $50 – is appreciated. From a brand like Little Tikes, it is not surprising that this trampoline has been well received, so order with confidence if this model suits your needs.

Skywalker Trampolines Round Bouncer with Enclosure

Image of Skywalker Trampolines Round BouncerIf you are looking for a trampoline with a safety enclosure, this is a product worth your attention. Recommended for kids from age three through seven, this small trampoline can accommodate children up to 100 pounds in weight. The enclosure attaches directly to the jumping surface, meaning there are no dangerous gaps to contend with. A handle runs all the way around the trampoline as well, giving the little ones something to hold onto should they need help balancing as they jump.

There are plenty of supporters of this product in the reviews section on Amazon’s site, with many claiming that their children love to play on the trampoline. The one complaint that is seen in a few reviews is the difficulty that is experienced while assembling the product. If you do decide to order this trampoline, be prepared to spend perhaps a bit of extra time getting it all put together. However, with that said, this remains a strong choice as one of the best mini trampolines on the market today.

SkyBound 3ft Spring-Free Mini Trampoline with Handle Bar

f SkyBound 3ft Spring-FreeBack a model without a safety enclosure, this unit from SkyBound is similar in design to the Little Tikes version we covered above. This trampoline comes in at about the same price point as the Little Tikes, and it has a similar handlebar to help the little ones hold on safely. The unit is built with a stable steel frame, it has a bright blue skirt to stand out, and there are no springs that you have to worry about breaking down the line.

Those who have purchased this item are impressed with how much their children love to play on the trampoline. There are varying opinions on how easy or difficult the unit is to put together, which is often the case with products like these. Knowing that the majority of buyers have been complimentary of this unit, you can buy with confidence if you decide to go in this direction.

My First Trampoline 84’’

Image of My First Trampoline 84If you would like to purchase a trampoline that your kids can use for more than just a couple of years, it might be wise to give the My First Trampoline 84’’ a closer look. Yes, this trampoline is significantly more expensive than the others on our list, but it should last longer as a suitable toy for your children as well. It is rated for an age range of three to ten years, and it has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. This model is designed for indoor or outdoor use, and it includes a durable pad protector and a safety enclosure.

The reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive. Buyers feel that the trampoline is well made, and they state that their kids love playing on it. Again with this product, there are some complaints regarding how difficult or time-consuming the assembly of the product can be. Your experience may vary, but there seems to be no debate on the quality of this trampoline.

Kangaroo’s 36’’ Kids Trampoline Indoor Trampoline for Kids

Image of Kangaroo's 36The final product on our list is a three foot model with a handlebar that is rated for kids three and up. While it is an indoor model, the manufacturer states that it can be used outside while under adult supervision. This is a moderately priced trampoline which will allow your children to have a great time bouncing up and down while holding onto the bar for safety and balance.

Buyers appreciate the compact size of this mini trampoline model, as well as the fact that it has straps instead of springs to provide the bouncing experience. As is the case with all of the products on our list, buyers state that their kids love playing on this trampoline, and it does a great job of tiring them out before naptime or bedtime.


There are a number of great mini trampolines on the market today, and each of them can lead to a great time for your kids. Once you have thought about everything that needs to be considered in this decision – factors like price, size, safety, and more – you can settle on a winner and place your order. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you in your decision-making process. Happy shopping!

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