What’s The Best Square Trampoline?

You probably think of two shapes right off the bat when picturing a trampoline – either round or rectangle. While those are the two most popular shapes used in trampoline design, there are also square models on the market that deserve your consideration when shopping for a new unit. Square trampolines actually have a lot in common with rectangular models. However, they may fit better in your available space, so be sure to take a look at this shape as an option before settling on your ultimate choice.

When using a round trampoline, all of the springs engage on each jump, meaning the bounce is consistent, and you are directed toward the middle of the jumping mat. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some users, but it does make it difficult for more than one person to use the trampoline at a time. When you get into a square or rectangular trampoline, however, the story changes a bit. Each spring will not necessarily be engaged on all jumps, giving you something of a truer jumping experience.

train for gymnasticsThose hoping to use a trampoline to train for gymnastics, or to do some form of tricks, will appreciate the true bounce that can be had on a square trampoline. As long as the product as the necessary space to move around, and a safety enclosure to keep bouncers on the top of the mat as opposed to falling off the sides, square trampolines can lead to a great time outdoors with friends and family. Also, they make for tremendous exercise, which is something everyone could use more of in today’s world.

If you are interested in buying a square trampoline for your yard, you will want to be sure that you locate one which fits your available space and your budget. Square trampolines can be quite large, and you need some room around them after they are assembled, so make sure that you have enough space to install any model that you are considering. Also, these aren’t necessarily cheap purchases, so set a budget and use that to guide your shopping.

Below you will find a quick review of two of the top square trampolines on the market, along with links to the Amazon sales page for each. If you would like more information on either product, please feel free to follow those included links.

Top Two Rated Square Trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines 13’ Square Trampoline and Enclosure Combo

Image of Skywalker Trampolines 13Everything you need all together in one package, this product includes the square trampoline and the enclosure that works with it. The jumping mat you will receive is made from UV protected polypropylene, the legs are made from 16 gauge galvanized steel, and the frame is rust-resistant. There are 72 7’’ coil springs that surround the jumping mat, along with an extra 12 1’’ diameter springs to add to the bouncing experience.

The reviews on this product left by Amazon buyers are nearly unanimous – those who have purchased the product have loved what they have received. They state that their kids can’t get enough of the fun they have while bouncing around, and the quality of the unit is appreciated. This trampoline does carry a price tag that is higher than many of the other market options, but buyers who have left reviews have not seen that as a problem. To add a 13’ square trampoline to your yard that is likely to become the center of attention when you are outside, check out the Skywalker model today.

Springfree Trampoline – 13’ Jumbo Square with Basketball Hoop and Ladder

Image of Springfree Trampoline - 13ft JumboHow do you make jumping on a trampoline more fun? When you add a basketball hoop! This Springfree product is claimed to be the ‘World’s Safest Trampoline, thanks to the fact that it contains no traditional trampoline springs. It is rated for a jumper weight of up to 330 pounds, and as mentioned, it includes a basketball hoop that can be placed at the top of the safety enclosure. The rod based system which provides bounce without the springs is an innovation in the trampoline world, and it makes for a safe and enjoyable experience for all. As you might suspect, this trampoline comes with a price tag that is well beyond the cost of a usual trampoline with a traditional spring system.

Immediately you will notice two themes when it comes to the reviews of this product – the fact that nearly every buyer loves the product they have received, and the fact that it is difficult to assemble. The difficulty of assembly isn’t so much a complaint as it is an observation. When you decide to order this item, you will simply need to expect to set aside a significant amount of time to put it together. Other than that point, however, this product seems to be a slam dunk. Buyers love the quality of the unit, the safety of it for their kids, and the fun it offers. If this impressive product falls within your budget, don’t hesitate to call this one the winner.


Square trampolines might not have as large a share of the market as round or rectangular options, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Each of the two items on the list above would make a great addition to your yard, and it is almost certain that your kids will have tons of fun with either option. Good luck shopping!

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