Trampoline Tents – What Are They?

If you have ever used a trampoline enough to the point where you are tired, you are likely aware of how comfortable and fun it can be just to sit on it. Regardless of what you do on the trampoline, you can have fun if you are creative.

What Is A Trampoline Tent?

allow your kids to stay outsideA trampoline tent is essentially an enclosure that covers the entirety of your jumping area. This can turn it into a full on a tent that you can sit under. Kids can do all kinds of things with one of these tents from having sleepovers to simply hanging out outside. By being propped up by the trampoline, your kids don’t have to worry about bugs and/or moisture. Having one of these tents can allow your kids to stay outside even when the sun is extremely bright and hot. Depending on the overall site and height dimensions of your tent, your kids might not be able to jump as high, but it can still provide a great time. While you could make your own version, you would likely be better off simply purchasing one.

There are a lot of different trampoline tents being sold on the marketplace that have the perfect amount of price to value ratio along with added safety measures that make it a much better option for those looking for one. Below, we will be going over some of the factors that you should consider when looking to purchase one.

Factors to Consider

Windows/Zipper Enclosures

There are full body tents that can actually zip up/down to provide for full coverage. These tents offer the user the ability to open the tent for better airflow and to close it to minimize airflow. This is great for the kids or people that want to have the ability to customize the experience inside of the tent while it is on. They are typically going to be more expensive than the ones that do not offer these features.

Top Only

There are tents on the market that offer the ability to cover only the top of the trampoline with proper safety netting attached. This is ideal for those that are simply looking for something that is going to shield themselves from the harsh elements such as the sun on a hot summer day. This can offer a good amount of functionality because it can shield the sun but allow for wind breezes to come through while you are using it.

Material Make Up

Another important thing that you are going to want to consider is the material make up of the tent in question. There are options on the market that are completely weather resistant which make them ideal for dealing with various elements. It also makes them much more durable, and they can even help shield your trampoline from the elements as well.


It is important to understand that a lot of the tents available on the market are going to have specific compatibility requirements. A lot of the tents are manufactured with specific models in mind. Therefore, you are going to need to be sure that you are purchasing a trampoline tent that is fully compatible with the model you already have. Otherwise, you risk buying one that is not compatible with it and one that simply is not going to work.

Overall, a trampoline tent is a great investment for anyone that owns one. Not only will it provide you and your family with a good amount of fun, but it can completely transform the way that your kids use it, helping them enjoy the outdoors.